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General Petraeus and Privacy

14 Nov 2012

Whatever one may think of the indiscretions of CIA Director Petraeus, there is something deliciously ironic and incredibly scary in the nation’s top spook getting entangled in the public disclosure of private e-mails. As the Executive Director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center stated to the Washington Post,  “[i]f the C.I.A. director can get caught, [...]

Unfair Debt Collection Practices Cost Creditor

22 Oct 2012

After three years of litigation, Friedman Law Offices, in collaboration with Legal Counsel for the Elderly, forced debt collectors to pay eligible DC residents $1500 for alleged violations of federal and DC consumer protection statutes. In the class action lawsuit Defendants Midland Funding, and its captive law firm Mann Bracken also agreed not to pursue [...]

Tort reform and why elections matter

1 Oct 2012

Pay Attention, Elections Matter. As the economy plods along attempting to shake off the worst financial crises the nation has faced in 100 years, there have been scapegoats aplenty. But this is most assuredly one you cannot blame on the lawyers. It is one, however, that you can blame on tort reform. For years consumer [...]